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Welcome to Dental Dynamics, a Portland Dentist office and a leading provider of advanced dentistry in Portland, Oregon. For most, the search for the right dentist ends here. Why? Because we offer a wide array of dental services for the very young to the young at heart. Such services include all aspects of general dentistry with a particular focus on dental implants, sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and dental veneers.

Our reputation is built on exceeding the expectations of those who simply demand the best in quality, innovation and service. The environment of our offices is designed with a focus on comfort, relaxation and luxury with complimentary amenities that are second to none. When you arrive at our office, you’re not just a patient but a welcomed guest in our home. Call today for an appointment and experience what everyone is talking about.

Implant Dentist Portland

As implant dentists, our goal is to provide our patients with dental implants that offer the most successful outcome in the long run. What works for one patient doesn’t mean it works for others! Our wide selection of dental implant types is available to meet every patients needs from traditional implants to mini implants and metal free dental implants. CLICK HERE to find out more about dental implant types. With this philosophy we are able to provide a 5-year dental implant replacement warranty. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on dental implants Portland or implant Portland dentists. There is a lot to think about on the subject, and we want to help you find the best Implant Dental Office in Portland.

Cosmetic Dentist Portland

As cosmetic dentists we understand that each smile is unique and special. While some patients can greatly benefit from Lumineers, others may find that ultra-thin dental veneers may offer a superior aesthetics or even traditional veneers can be very viable option in some cases. Call us at 503-99-SMILE today for a complimentary consultation to explore your options and find out what works best for you. Today there are various dental veneers types and options.

Sedation Dentist Portland

Dental fear and anxiety is one of the most common fears and there is nothing to be ashamed off. Waiting any longer means that your dental needs would require more treatment, more time and more money. The best time to make the call is Today! This is the start!! Call 503-99 SMILE today for a complimentary evaluation for IV sedation and dental examination.
The vast majority of our patients are patients with dental anxiety. CLICK HERE and learn more about our philosophy and approach to dental fear and anxiety.

The material content on this website is aimed at educating and raising awareness regarding dental procedures and cosmetic dental services. The material is presented in a simple format, outlining pros and cons. The research minded individuals will find the material very helpful as the material is presented in an unbiased manner. We hope to make you see that we are one of the most knowledgeable Portland dental offices you can find.
Feel free to navigate our site. For questions and concerns regarding your particular situation, we offer a complimentary consultation. Schedule your consultation at Dental Dynamics today, offices in Lake Oswego and downtown Portland, Oregon.