Gapped Teeth in Fashion

This is known as diastema in the medical world, and recently it has become more popular with models as a way to stand out uniquely. Just like with yaeba, girls have gone to dentists to create gapped teeth, in fact, even wealthy well to do men have. Even still, gapped teeth have been seen to be attractive across many different cultures through many different time periods. Since 2010, they have become popular in the fashion world again. You can see this in Vanessa Chantal Paradis, Jessica Pare, Jessica Hart, Eve Myles and Anna Paquin.

People’s attraction to it probably comes from a desire for imperfection and authenticity. These are values that have gotten more and more important to younger generations, a desire for originality and a rejection of things that are digitally enhanced.

This characteristic is seen as common in lustful women in the 16th century. Even today it is celebrated, with some calling it a lucky gap, popularized in France “dents du bonheur” (lucky teeth). (reference There is actually no scientific basis for this, but it has been a popular assumption in folklore.

What Causes Gapped Teeth

It is not uncommon for gapped teeth to be a genetic issue, and something you inherit from your family. They can simply grow in misaligned in normal tooth development and often times the second set of teeth or canine teeth fix the gapped teeth. It can also occur by having abnormally small teeth. So, to answer the question are gapped teeth hereditary? that baring other issues that would move your teeth around like pressing with your tongue or sucking your thumb, it is most likely genetic.

It can come from thumb sucking as a child, and also but less common, is having a tongue that pushes on your teeth. These bad habits can be resolved and if caught early enough they will actually close on their own.

Fixing Gapped Teeth

Even with gapped teeth receiving a lot of praise from the younger generation, people still want to fix their gapped teeth. There are many ways to go about this.
For $27 dollars you can buy orthobands, bands that go around your front teeth that pull them together. It actually doesn’t move your teeth location, but instead bends them toward each other. This is a bad solution, not only does it offer mixed results, but people also have reported having loose teeth and in rare cases losing the tooth itself. It also makes it hard for future procedures. And even after all that, you need to wear the bands indefinitely or they will go back to normal.

The only safe and secure method is using a partial brace with on the top of your teeth. After the teeth have moved they will glue a small wire to the back of your teeth to make sure they don’t move again. Another solution is called composite bonding, which is where they effectively add a fake tooth to the sides of your teeth, increasing both the teeth’s size until the gap is closed.

The same effect as composite bonding can be done with crowns and veneers, they go over the tooth increasing its effective size, and also offer perfect white teeth.