Utilizing Stem cells to Assist with Dental Implants

One of the most talked about advances in dental implants is the utilization of stem cells to retreat a natural tooth in the space of missing teeth. Key innovations in stem cell technology will advance dentistry in ways like never before, particularly dental implant surgery.

The technology of growing teeth into the jaw bone is advancing rapidly in recent years to offer natural tooth replacement options to restore function and aesthetics. Various research institutions around the globe have been able to successfully grow teeth in animals utilizing stem cells.

While titanium and more recently zirconium dental implants offer a good tooth replacement solution, the idea of having a living dental implant is certainly a more superior solution to missing teeth. Titanium Dental Implant lack the presence of periodontal ligament that attaches natural teeth roots to the surrounding bone. Therefore patients with titanium dental implants do not feel the sensation of pressure as they do on natural teeth. This is referred to as lack of proprioception. In addition, titanium dental implants do not have nerves. Nerves provide early warning signs of onset of disease through pain sensation.

Recent advances in stem cell technology allows for the growth of missing jaw bone required for dental implant placement. Researchers discovered that the stem cells in natural teeth can be utilized to regrow teeth and bone as well. One of the most recent researches presented was carried out by Dr. Jeremy Mao at Columbia University Medical Center where he utilized a growth factor-infused, three-dimensional scaffold with the potential to regenerate an anatomically correct tooth in just nine weeks from the day of implantation. This highly innovative procedure is the result of extensive research at Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory. Once the stem cells colonize the scaffold,  a tooth can grow in the socket and then join the surrounding gingival tissue.

The advances in dental implants are ongoing and targeted to achieve the important goal of providing our patients with the highest quality and the most effective tooth replacement solution that looks and feels like a natural tooth within the shortest time possible. The technological advances in implant dentistry are more rapid and frequent than any other area of dentistry.

These constant improvements offer exciting solutions to replace missing teeth more than ever before. Keep checking our update and news on the most technological advances in implant and restorative dentistry. Let this be your home to find out the latest on dental implants